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Fluxmeter Does Automated Classifying, Sorting

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Eliminating human factors during test and inspection, MF-3D-TC fluxmeter (gaussmeter) lets users set pass/fail limits for quick, accurate sorting and classifying of parts. Upper and lower limits are set at the front panel and a built-in indicator light shows the status of the measurement. Relay outputs are provided to trigger an audible alarm or actuate an in-line controller to automatically sort or classify parts. Measurement of total magnetic flux is ±1 to 9.999 x 105 kilomaxwell turns or flux density on three full scales of ±1 kG, ±10 kG, ±100 kG. Measurement of dc and ac fields is from 10 Hz to 100 kHz with accuracy of ±0.5%. Display and output is bipolar.

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