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Frame Transfer CCDs Tout High QE Over Wide Spectral Range

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These frame transfer CCD area image sensors are designed for high-speed operation. The S7986 and S7987 are said to have excellent quantum efficiency (QE) over a wide spectral range, from the UV through the visible and near IR regions, making them well suited for low light-level detection in scientific applications. The CCDs are designed with a frame transfer structure that has a storage region equal to the sensors' active area size of 9.212H x 6.860V mm. Such a structure eliminates the need for an external shutter, which is usually required of full-frame transfer-type image sensors. Light incident on the backside of the sensor can be detected with high QE of >90% at 650 nm. Spectral range of the S7986 and S7987 is 200 to 1,100 nm. The sensors also feature low noise, MPP mode operation, and high saturation charge for wide dynamic range. And the S7987 also offers a low dark output via a thermoelectric Peltier cooler that is hermetically sealed with the CCD chip in one package. The S7986 costs $4,564 and the S7987 is priced at $5,402.

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