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Freightliner Picks LabVIEW Software For Test

Freightliner LLC, a leading truck manufacturer in North America, selected National Instruments LabVIEW software and PXI-based hardware to replace a VME-based proprietary solution for verifying electrical assembly on its new line of heavy-duty trucks. "We set out to design a high-performance test system that would give us the flexibility of a completely off-the-shelf solution and provide both the open architecture and power for expanding the application in the future," John Rokus, manufacturing manager of Test and Technology at Freightliner LLC, said in a statement. Freightliner chose Wineman Technology Inc., a specialty machine designer and a National Instruments Alliance Partner, to create the test systems to meet Freightliner's requirements. The solution also includes a machine vision system for inspecting fuse box assembly. "Using machine vision to verify the assembly of the fuse box goes beyond the industry standard of validating serial fuse continuity," Darryn La Zar, vice president of Sales and Marketing at Wineman Technology, said in a statement. "For instance, this solution can detect if a 30 A fuse is in a 5 A slot, which was not possible before."

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