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Full-Wave 3D Electromagnetic Simulator Models Antennas

With Agilent’s Antenna Modeling Design System (AMDS), a 3D dedicated design, modeling, and verification tool for antenna systems and placement, users can reduce design risks by simulating an entire wireless appliance together with its operating environment. The tool assures compliance with regulatory and operator demands, such as over-the-air performance and SAR (specific absorption rate). It also analyzes antenna diversity for MIMO (multiple-in-multiple-out).

The tool’s intelligent CAD import capabilities, along with its traditional drawing interface, are said to make it easier and faster to perform 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulations than with traditional simulators.

AMDS facilitates cross-functional teamwork between antenna and product designers through efficient exchange of CAD data, eliminating modeling rework for subsequent design iterations. It also guarantees antenna placement performance by taking the entire physical wireless appliance into account. Furthermore, the tool improves end-user product performance by introducing real-world interaction with the human body directly into the EM simulation.

AMDS is available now, with prices starting at approximately $50,000.

Agilent Technologies Inc.

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