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Function Library Smoothes Path For Matlab-To-C Synthesis

For many design teams, the MathWorks’ Matlab language has become the standard for signal-processing algorithm development. Likewise, C is the preferred vehicle for handing off those algorithms to downstream developers.

But while Matlab functions are critical for algorithm development, those functions, which are expressed in M-code, have no equivalent Csource code for handoff. Translation of the functions from M-code to C is a time-consuming, manual job. And, the C version may not work as well as the M-code did.

Launched last December, Catalytic’s MCS tool automatically generates ANSI C code from M-code. This lets developers automatically create reference models on demand and continue designing in Matlab. The next step in MCS’s evolution is a function library to accompany the tool.

The Catalytic Function Library enables Matlab developers to generate functionally equivalent, redistributable C code for more than 300 Matlab functions, including a wide variety of toolbox functions. Algorithm developers now can generate equivalent C models from Matlab code that take advantage of higher-level Matlab functions without resorting to tedious manual effort.

Pricing for the library is subscription-based. It’s priced from $5000 per year and includes all quarterly updates during the term. Catalytic Inc. • www.catalytic.com

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