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Functional Verification & Code Coverage Analyzer Supports Linux

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Support for the Linux operating system has been added to the latest version of SureSolve, an automatic RTL test generation tool, and SureCov, an automatic code coverage and FSM analysis package. The tools are said to move verification to a point earlier in the design flow for IC and intellectual property designs.Enhancements to SureSolve include directed test generation from the graphical user interface, while SureCov now offers coverage utilities for checkpointing, start time and test ranking. It also adds finite state machine analysis. The tools now provide support for Linux as provided by Red Hat Software for Intel-based workstations. SureCov provides coverage utilities that include coverage start time for the designer to designate when coverage should start during simulation. Coverage checkpointing gives uses the ability to look at coverage during the simulation run, not just after its completion. Test ranking takes coverage analysis results for multiple tests and ranks these tests to optimize testing efficiency.

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