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Fusion Splicer Boasts Of Both PAS And LID Modes

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The dual-mode Fusion 3500 splicer melds both Profile Alignment System (PAS) and Local Injection/Detection (LID) technologies in a single, compact unit. In the PAS mode, the unit not only detects fiber end defects but makes automatic low loss splices and estimates splice loss in less than 14 seconds. In LID mode, the splicer achieves even lower splice losses and more accurate loss estimates. The instrument offers two simultaneous X and Y views of the fiber. The monitor is rugged and fully tiltable through 270° for easy viewing from any direction. The PAS alignment system operates in both axes at once to greatly reduce alignment time. Its average splice loss with matched singlemode fibers is less than 0.02 dB. Alignment can take place in only 2 seconds, and together with the arc fusion and loss estimation the total cycle time is always less than 15 seconds.

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