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GaAs Low-Noise Amplifiers Integrate Step Attenuators

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A fully integrated step attenuator function enables a pair of low-noise amplifiers to provide improved dynamic range for receivers in cellular phones and other portable communication equipment. The MRFIC0930 and MRFIC1830 amplifiers operate at 900 MHz or 1.8 to 1.9 GHz, respectively. The former is designed for GSM900 and AMPS cell phones or for ISM-band applications. The latter addresses PCS systems such as DCS1800, DCS1900, PHS and DECT cell phones.Both amplifiers are said to exhibit outstanding low-noise performance. For 900-MHz applications, the MRFIC0930 device offers a noise figure of just 1.7 dB at 900 MHz. And in above 1-GHz designs, the MRFIC1830 device is rated at a 2.1-dB noise figure at 1.8 GHz. The GaAs amplifiers also offer a 20-µA standby mode and can operate from a single 2.7V supply. In addition, the devices can be matched to optimize the gain or noise figure with simplified off-chip input matching. Samples are from stock

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