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GBICs Suit Copper Cabling Apps

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Said to be the first complete family of low-voltage copper gigabit interface converters (GBICs), the dataMate line of 3.3V GBICs for copper-based networks are hot-pluggable and are compliant with GBIC operational specifications for copper links. The GBICs feature built-in protection circuitry to avoid failure should they be accidentally plugged into conventional 5V systems. Equipped with die-cast housings to enhance EMI performance, these new devices are available with either six-pin Style 1 (HSSDC) or nine-pin Style 2 (DB-9) connectors. Both types are available in a choice of active or passive versions, with or without serial ID options. Passive versions are priced at $10 each in production quantities and the active versions a priced similar to 5V versions.

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