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Generators Automate Testing To GR-1089-CORE

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The Bellcore SmartRack is a 19" rack that houses the transient generators used to test to Bellcore GR-1089-CORE. Software and a coupling/decoupling matrix allow series of tests to be sequenced and executed without engaging and disengaging the EUT. The test system simulates all the lightning surge requirements of Bellcore GR-1089-CORE Section 4. This includes all first and second level surges on single- or three-phase AC power ports, coax cable ports and up to 12 pair of telecomm ports. Other options include configuring the system for ESD testing for Section 2, Section 9 frame, surge and EFT tests and Bellcore Section 3.3.3 requirements for RF Conducted Immunity. The SmartRack can be operated from a front panel or remotely from a windows-based computer. The software operates on Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT and it generates complete reports. A transient generator, the TSS500M2/B, that permits testing to Bellcore Section 4 for first level lightning surges for single-phase AC power ports and on one pair of telecomm ports is also available.

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