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On-Glass Antenna Boasts Of Small, Flexible Footprint

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The APDM927 series of dual-band antennas delivers 3 dBd cellular and unity PCS gain yet has a flexible footprint small enough to fit between defroster wires. The stainless steel whip stands Š14.1 high and is easily folded down without tools before entering a car wash or parking garage. The injection molded flexible foot measures only 1.75 square inches and readily conforms to most curved glass surfaces. Simple, no-holes installation provides long lasting holding power; and the antenna can be removed and reinstalled using the standard KAV377 kit. The APDM927 series antennas cover the 824-894 MHz cellular and 1850-1990 MHz PCS frequency ranges with a common VSWR of less than1.9:1. They are vertically polarized, provide omni-directional coverage, require no ground plane, and can handle up to 10W of power. Each antenna ships with a 15 ft. cable and is available with a mini-UHF, TNC or SAP male connector. The APDM927 is priced at $40.50.

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