Electronic Design

Graphical IDE Aids Control-System Design

QuickBuilder is a comprehensive graphical integrated development environment from Control Technology Corp. that helps users configure, program, monitor, and troubleshoot complex control applications based on the company's Model 5300 line of controllers. This holistic approach to creating automation projects leads to quicker machine startups and simpler on-going maintenance. Building upon the company's state-based programming technology, QuickBuilder adds a graphical building block method to organize the higher-level project tasks and task steps. QuickStep 4 then lets users program logic steps in CTC's easy-to-learn QuickStep state-based language.

Also included is a powerful Library Manager that allows individuals and teams to easily share and re-use common code elements. Any portion of a project from a step, a series of steps, a task, or an entire program can be saved as a library element and located on a local PC or a shared resource manager. The Resource Manager provides real-time information on all physical and logical controller resources. All hardware configuration is done directly from the Resource Manager. Finally, QuickBuilder automatically generates detailed project documentation reports that include flowcharts, QuickStep code, resource cross-reference lists, where-used listings, and project notes (see the Figure).


QuickBuilder is available now.


Contact the company for pricing information.


Visit www.ctc-control.com.

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