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Graphical Programming Tool Supports .NET

SoftWIRE.NET from SoftWIRE Technology provides a graphical alternative to using conventional programming languages to develop applications for Microsoft's .NET.

The .NET environment runs a plethora of programming languages, from Visual Basic to the new C#. It's excellent for nonprogrammers and programmers who need to quickly develop process control or testing environments.

Visual programming tools like SoftWIRE are an ideal adjunct to C#, C++ Visual Basic, and other programming languages. This tool also allows components to be quickly selected and connected. Reconfiguring a system is often a matter of rewiring the collection of components.

SoftWIRE.NET differs from pervious versions of SoftWIRE that required Visual Basic. These products are still available. SoftWIRE.NET creates .NET projects, as it utilizes the common runtime environment of .NET to create standalone applications or support applications developed using any of the other .NET programming tools.

SoftWIRE.NET is priced at $495. It will be available upon the release of Microsoft's Visual Studio.NET. Generated applications may be distributed without royalties.

SoftWIRE Technology, 16 Commerce Blvd., Middleboro, MA 02346; (508) 946-8900; fax (508) 946-9500; www.softwiretechnology.com.

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