Electronic Design

Graphics Suite Accelerates Documentation

Document creation is key to bringing technical products to market. The design process and end users both depend on it. Now, designers can use Corel's Designer Technical Suite 12 to quickly create technical documentation and instruction and maintenance reference manuals.

The suite includes key tools as well as industry-standard file compatibility. Corel Designer 12 provides new projected drawing modes to speed document creation. Corel Photo-Paint 12 is a complete image-editing application for retouching and enhancing photos. Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications provides application customization and extensibility for both Corel Designer and Corel Photo-Paint. Corel Capture 12, a screen-capture utility, is included as well.

The CorelTRACE 12 bitmap-to-vector tracing utility converts scanned or manually created bitmaps into editable vector images. It also enables the reuse of legacy documentation by automatically converting scanned bitmaps into vector images and then seamlessly importing them into Corel Designer. The Designer tool itself has a slew of functions that ensure the accuracy of technical illustrations. Callouts are easily created, and repetitive tasks are readily automated.

Full price is $699. The upgrade is $299. Academic pricing is $99.

Corel Corp.

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