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Ground Bond Testers Verify Chassis Integrity

A pair of ground bond testers, the Guardian 1050 and the Sentry 50 Plus, are designed for verifying the ground integrity of a product chassis and power line grounds. Both can be used in bench top or automated test applications. The testers have 4-terminal Kelvin connections with auto zeroing, programmable Hi/Lo limits for Pass/Fail testing, internal storage of 99 test setups, remote Start/Stop and Go/No Go outputs and programmable test times. The Guardian 1050 delivers a test current up to 45A while the Sentry 50 Plus can output up to 30A. Both can make resistance measurements from 0.1 mΩ to 510 mΩ. With optional RS-232 or IEEE 488 interfaces available, the Guardian 1050 can be remotely controlled for data logging via computer. A printer interface is also available for use with an external printer. Both models include features such as front-panel lockout, programmable voltage level, built-in calibration and compatibility with other testers. The testers come with NIST calibration certificates and Kelvin test leads for connection to the DUT. The 1050 is priced at $1,795 and the 50 Plus at $1,495. QUADTECH INC., Maynard, MA. (800 253-1230.


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