Electronic Design

Hall-Effect Switch Integrates Advanced Programming Algorithm

Allegro’s A1128 field-programmable, unipolar Hall-effect switch targets high-temperature applications in the automotive and industrial fields. A chopper-stabilization technique eliminates offset that’s inherent in single-element devices. To simplify the customer’s end-of-line process, there’s a built-in advanced programming algorithm, as well as higher programming resolution for tighter magnetic switch points. A wide range of programmability (devices are externally programmable) is available on the magnetic operate point, enabling optimization of the sensor IC switchpoint and a drastic reduction of effects stemming from mechanical placement tolerances. Hysteresis is fixed. A proprietary dynamic offset cancellation technique, with an internal high-frequency clock, reduces residual offset voltage. UA packaging is a three-lead, ultra-mini SIP for through-hole mounting.


TAGS: Components
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