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Handheld Test Set Is For Analog/Voice Applications

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Using direct digital synthesis (DDS) to generate pure, jitter-free sinewave tones with 1-Hz resolution and 0.01% accuracy, Model 93 handheld, battery-powered, analog test set operates in the voice range of 250 to 4000 Hz. Tones are selected with a multi-turn knob with detents at 1 Hz increments. The transmitter ranges between 6 dBm and -26 dBm in 1 dB steps selectable using a multi-turn knob. Five fixed frequencies are 404, 1004, 2804, 3804 and 2713 Hz and five fixed amplitudes are -13, -7, 0, 3 and 6 dBm with five user frequencies and five user amplitudes stored in non-volatile memory and switch selectable. A push-to-talk feature allows voice communications over the line under test.

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