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Hard-Metric Cable System Mates With 2-mm Shrouds

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Designed to mate reliably with all popular 2-mm hard-metric shroud systems, the ERmet Hard Metric Cable System is a line of cable assemblies that offers a modular solution to high-performance backplane interconnect requirements. The assemblies mate with shrouds that are compatible with the IEC-61076-4-101 connector standard.Cable assemblies are terminated to receptacle wafers containing the company's ERmet leaf-style, dual-beam, phosphor bronze contact assemblies in stackable 1 x 5 and 1 x 7 housings. These interlocking 1 x 5 wafers can be stacked into assemblies of up to 25 wafers and can accommodate standard 55-, 110- and 125-pin configurations. The system is claimed to be the only cable assembly with optional intermodule shields, which will mate with the z and f rows of 2-mm hard-metric connectors. Assemblies are supplied to exact specifications with a wide range of conductors and dielectrics.

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