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Hardware-Accelerated Spice Simulator Raises Speed/Accuracy Bar

Nascentric’s OmegaSim GX is touted as the world’s first hardware-accelerated Spice simulator. OmegaSim GX harnesses the raw computational power of NVIDIA Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to provide fast transistor-level simulation with virtually no loss in accuracy.

OmegaSim GX is based on NVIDIA’s Tesla hardware platform, which provides a massively parallel multi-threaded architecture. The platform is available as a 128-core PCI Express add-in card, a 256-core desk-side or a 512-core rack-mounted system configuration. Nascentric developed OmegaSim GX using NVIDIA’s CUDA C-compiler development environment.

Spice simulators are used for detailed circuit analysis, particularly after an IC design is placed and routed. Spice simulation of even a small, but critical, portion of an IC can take weeks or months to complete. Faster Spice simulators, often referred to as Fast-Spice, are typically one or two orders of magnitude faster than plain Spice simulators, but they achieve that additional performance at the expense of accuracy.

Earlier this year, Nascentric announced OmegaSim, the industry’s first multi-threaded Fast-Spice simulator for mixed-signal designs. OmegaSim offered ten times the performance of other Fast-Spice tools, without sacrificing accuracy, and handling in excess of tens of millions of devices. Now, using NVIDIA’s Tesla GPUs, OmegaSim GX achieves an additional order of magnitude improvement in performance without compromising accuracy.

North American pricing for OmegaSim GX software is $25,000 per year or $2500 per month with a minimum subscription commitment of 10 months. Hardware is separately priced and must be purchased from NVIDIA, its partners, or resellers.

The beta release is scheduled for May 10, 2008 and the first customer shipment is planned for July 7, 2008.

Nascentric www.nascentric.com

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