Electronic Design

Hardware/Software Integration Package Adds Support For ARM Cortex-M3

Mentor Graphics has introduced its first processor support package for the ARM Cortex-M3 processor. As with the previously introduced support package for the ARM MPCore multiprocessor, the new version works with Mentor's Seamless tool to find hardware-software integration errors. The packages are based on validated models created by ARM and delivered to Mentor with ARM RealView Electronic System Level application programming interfaces, which include Cycle-Accurate Simulation Interface. The models help reduce design risk by providing a fast, cycle-aware representation that gives design teams a window on silicon performance long before committing to tapeout. Additionally, the virtual model provides an excellent level of detail regarding hardware registers, software variables, and hardware design issues, enabling simulation runs that closely reflect actual system behavior. The Seamless processor support packages for the complete family of ARM devices, including the ARM Cortext-M3 and ARM11 MPCore, are priced at $45,000. For additional information or to register for free Seamless workshops and functional verification seminars, go to www.mentor.com/products/fv/hwsw_coverification/.

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