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Heatsink-And-Fan Combos Keep Fast Processors Running Cool

Two new heat transfer devices consisting of an all-aluminum heatsink and dual ball bearing fan have been developed for use with the latest generations of Intel and AMD microprocessors. Developed for the Intel Pentium 4 having speeds of 2.0 GHz, the Arctic Ice devices are designed to transfer heat away from the processors with an ambient temperature of 42¡C and a thermal resistance of 0.45¡ per watt. The Arctic Blast was designed for use with the AMD Duron with speeds up to 1.0 GHz, the AMD Athlon rated up to 1.4 GHz, and the Intel Pentium III Coppermine with top speeds of 1.1 GHz. The thermal resistance for these applications is pegged at 0.73¡/W. The 60 x 60 x 15 mm fans are equipped with a tachometer output. Prices range for the sink-and-fan combos range from $4.85 to $7.90. For more details, call Erin Mosty at JMC PRODUCTS, Austin, TX. (512) 834-8866.

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