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Heatsinks Use Radial Design To Deliver 360° Of Cooling

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Circular heatsinks have been developed that spread cooling air over 360° of a microprocessor's surface, resulting in a volumetric efficiency that is higher than that of traditional extruded heatsinks. Overall, when used with a device cooling fan, the new Radial Fin heatsinks are said to cool processors with less air flow, and therefore with lower fan noise than existing sinks.
The patent-pending Radial Fin circular heatsinks also weigh up to 50% less than traditional sinks and are said to offer better mechanical shock and vibration design margins-- no heatsink supports are needed to meet mechanical and vibration requirements.
The heatsinks are designed for use with SECC2 and PGA processors, with the sinks said to mount easily on the processor socket with a spring clip that is attachable by hand. Prices depend on model and quantity ordered, with Radial Fin heatsinks for PGA µPs costing $4.89 each/5000.

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