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HF Simulator Tacks On 3D-Electromagnetic Capabilities

Applied Wave Research’s (AWR’s) Microwave Office circuit-design suite now offers integrated 3D electromagnetic simulation capabilities through a cooperative agreement with Computer Simulation Technology (CST) of Darmstadt, Germany. CST’s Microwave Studio 2006 is being linked to AWR’s tool suite to give AWR users access to fast, accurate 3D electromagnetic simulation.

The link between the tools is accomplished through use of AWR’s EM Socket open standard interface. The technology enables AWR’s customers to access a broad variety of electromagnetic tools without leaving the Microwave Office design environment.

The AWR/CST interface will be available at no extra charge to all customers using CST’s Microwave Studio 2006 and AWR’s Microwave Office 2006 software. The interface will be demonstrated at the MTT-S show in San rancisco at AWR’s Booth 1629. Production release of the interface is expected to be in the third quarter of 2006. Contact AWR directly for pricing and delivery details.

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