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Hierarchical Design Planner Drives Physical Design Solution

IC Wizard version 2.2 is the hierarchical design planner that drives the company's system-driven physical design solution. It provides the full spectrum of capabilities needed to restructure and optimize physical hierarchy, as well as a hierarchical global router and port placer that take advantage of visibility through all hierarchical levels.

IC Wizard's global router has full visibility through multiple levels, resulting in an optimal route. This also lets it find the best position and layer assignments for the ports. When dealing with high-performance designs, users may want to physically relocate a logic module from one part of the hierarchy to a completely separate part. IC Wizard gives users full flexibility to reconfigure the hierarchical tree structure for optimal physical implementation. It automatically adjusts the block placement when necessary and supports constraint allocation to re-allocation of timing slack.

Available immediately on all supported platforms, IC Wizard 2.2 starts at $124,000/year.

Monterey Design Systems
(408) 747-7370; www.montereydesign.com

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