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High-Capacity Toggles Enter Market

The S800 and S800D series of high-capacity toggle actuated switches are available in several circuit configurations, including double pole and three pole models, and each of these models has two or three positions. The S800 series has a resistive load rating of 30A at 125V and 250V ac. DC rating is 30A at 30V dc and 1A at 125V dc. Inductive load rating is 30A at 125V ac PF 0.6 and 15A at 250V ac PF 0.6. The standard length of the bat toggle is 22 mm and electrical life is 25,000 operations minimum. The S800D series has a distinctive flatted lever of phenolic resin over brass with chrome plating, and the actuator length is 27 mm. Electrical resistive capacity ratings include 30A at 30V dc, 30A at 48V dc, 15A at 125V dc and 7.5A at 250V dc. This series also boasts an inductive capacity rating of 15A at 24 Vdc, 10A at 48 Vdc, 6A at 125 Vdc and 3A at 250 Vdc. Electrical life is 10,000 operations minimum. All switches have screw lug terminations and 12 mm bushings. Mechanical life is 50,000 operations minimum and insulation resistance is 1,000 M? minimum at 500V dc. All models are UL recognized and CSA certified. NKK SWITCHES, Scottsdale, AZ. (480) 991-0942.


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