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High-Density Connectors Provide Greater Contact Flexibility

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Designed to bypass the space limitations of conventional stamped contacts, the new Adam connector family is said to offer greater reliability and flexibility. The connectors eliminate the need for stamped contacts by enabling the conductor of a circuit to interface directly with the mating pins of a header. And because they can connect flexible printed circuits (FPC) and flat flexible cables (FFC) directly to 0.018" square or round pin headers, the connectors also reduce the number of parts required, thereby eliminating system failure such as can occur with crimped or displaced style contacts. The result is said to be a reliable, high-density connector that provides greater contact flexibility in terminating FPCs or FFCs. The Adam family can accommodate connector designs with pitches down to 0.5 mm or less, eliminating the need to "capture" the mating pin. This low pitch offers users twice the density of conventional pitch connectors. It also features a dynamic spring assembled in a molded plastic housing that is designed to align the spring and circuit.

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