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High-Density Switching Module Uses Plug To Make Test Matrix Expansions Easy

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With the SCXI-1129 high-density, multi-configuration matrix module, engineers using large computer-based test systems can expand or reconfigure their systems by merely purchasing a few switching modules rather than the host of modules previously required. In addition, the new matrix module's unique expansion plug does away with the need to manually rewire the system. The switch's multi-configuration capabilities permit it to assume any one of six different 2-wire configurations (4x64, 8x32, 16x16, dual 8x16, dual 4x32 and quad 4x16) by just changing the unit's terminal block. The SCXI-1129 offers high-density switching in a platform seamlessly integrated with the PXI/CompactPCI standard. And engineers can use the company's new 4021 switch controller with a SCXI chassis to easily control the SCXI-1129 modules. The new high-density switch matrix is priced at $3,895 each and the 4021 switch controller costs $295 for the PXI/cPCI model and $245 for the PCI version.

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