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High-Frequency Design Tool Gains In Efficiency

With version 10 of Ansoft's HFSS high-frequency/high-speed electromagnetic design tool, designers can share CAD models and results across existing CAD/CAE design environments. Also, its dynamic-link technology lets HFSS cosimulate with other Ansoft tools and extends HFSS applications to include RF/analog IC co-design, EMI/EMC, and microwave heating.

The ability to reuse third-party CAD models and EDA layouts saves HFSS users engineering time and gives them more time to optimize performance. HFSS v10's highlights include new geometry translation, model resolution, and meshing technology implemented in an auto-interactive user interface. The interface renders electrically unimportant geometric artifacts invisible to the simulation and characterization process.

The tool also features new incident wave additions of plane, spherical, cylindrical, Gaussian, and linear antenna-wave types that broaden HFSS's utility to compute antennas and scattering applications into the optical domain. An improved analysis configuration, control, and management capability allows designers to use available hardware resources and distribute analyses over a network of computers, reducing overall analysis time.

HFSS v10 is available on Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, and XP Professional x64; Sun Solaris 8+; HP HP-UX 11+; and Red Hat Enterprise Linux v3. Prices start from $48,900 for a floating perpetual license.

Ansoft Corp.

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