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High-Performance Gasket Material Permits Rework

The 7810 series of Electrically Conductive Acrylic Pads (eCAP) combine an exceptionally conductive pad with a double-sided adhesive that is repositionable. The pads offer cohesive strength, shock absorption, and strong adhesion that allow rework and fast assembly without curing time. The eCAP 7810 series is suitable for EMI gasket shielding applications, ESD grounding, and connecting in electronic components and assemblies requiring reliable electrical contact with as little as 2.5- by 2.5-mm of contact. These products are the latest to use the company’s eCAP technology, an advancement in pressure-sensitive-adhesive tape and conductive gaskets. Conductive filler in the pads is aligned in three-dimensional structures, giving the tape excellent electrical conductivity in all three axes while retaining adhesion and compression performance. Compared to traditional tapes and adhesives, eCAP tape can mate uneven surfaces and cushion against mechanical shock. It is more conformable than metal-based gasket materials and will not oxidize. The eCAP 7810 series gaskets come in a range of thicknesses. 3M COMPANY, Austin, TX. (800) 245-3573.

Company: 3M COMPANY

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