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High-Power Connectors Use 300 Lb. Locking Force

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The 518 Series of high-power, single-pole connectors features a 360°, non-specific locking collect design, which allows the connector pairs to be mated and locked at any orientation. Once engaged, a locking ring provides the connectors with a positive locking force of up to 300 lb. while allowing free rotation, even with the most rigid cables. With the flexible collet design there is no cam or keyway to line up, no polarizing positions, and no twisted cables to worry about. The 518 Series is designed and tested for ac or dc applications requiring currents from 50A to 1000A and voltages up to 5 kV, such as in power plants and industrial processes. The connectors are integrally molded to cable and include waterproof caps. Mated pairs are watertight and are well-suited for use in areas that are generally hosed down. They are available in a variety of colors to allow for phase identification and can be manufactured to conform to IEEE-383 specifications for class 1E applications in nuclear-fueled power plants. The quick connection properties of the 518 Series connectors are well suited for crews who must work under limited allowable time exposures.

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