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High-Voltage Switches Fit VXI Adapt-A-Switch

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Three plug-ins for the company's Adapt-a-Switch platform permit users to easily integrate hipot and cable breakdown testing into VXI-based systems. Capable of switching up to 500V at 10W, the 1260-136B is a reed-relay plug-in; designed for switching up to 1000V at 25W, the 1260-136C is also a reed relay plug-in; and switching voltage up to 500V at 50W, the 1260-136D is a mercury-wetted plug-in. Each plug-in can be software configured as a single 1 x 21 two-wire switch, a single 1 x 42 one-wire switch, or two 1 x 21 one-wire switches. Adapt-a-Switch users can install up to six plug-ins from the high-density switch line into a 2-slot Adapt-a-Switch carrier module. In addition to reducing programming time and increasing throughput, the software set also ensures system safety. Plug-in prices start at $995.

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