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Hipot Testers Enhance Operators' Safety

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Ground-fault interruption circuits that protect operators from inadvertent contact with high voltages are incorporated into the 2500 Series of Hipot testers. The units, which perform the most common safety tests outlined in UL, TUV, IEC and other standards, also include arc detection, which checks the magnitude and duration of any deviations from user-selected values of arc level and duration. All instruments in the series allow users to perform up to three tests in a sequence and show the results of all three steps when the sequence is completed. Internal memory provides 25 user setups and nine multi-step sequences with three steps each. Each can measure or calculate real, imaginary and total current, making them suitable for compensating and measuring capacitive types of devices. All models offer programmable output voltage ot 5 kV, programmable ramp and test times, ground continuity test with adjustable limits, and much more.

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