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Hybrid Modules Extend Reach Of DSL

The CM Series advanced hybrid modules are designed to optimize both the rate and reach performance in DSL applications. The series includes three family members, the CM9001, the CM9005 and the CM9007. The CM9001 includes a dual hybrid, a balance network, and Tx/Rx filters. The CM9005 is made up of two EP 10-line transformers, two CM9001 modules, high voltage capacitors and Zener diodes. Both are designed to work with the Alcatel MTK 20150 and MTK 20450 central office ADSL solutions. The CM9007 consists of a dual hybrid, balance network, and Tx/Rx filters and are designed for the Centillium CT-L53SC08 and CT-L73SC08 passive termination central office solutions for Annex A and Annex C. COEV, Watertown, SD. (888) 978-2638.

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