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Hybrid Terminal Blocks Boast Of Two Connection Technologies

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Two of the fastest connection technologies available are featured in the firm's latest terminal blocks, the QTS 1.5/4 and 2.5/4. These hybrid terminal blocks feature insulation displacement connection (IDC) and spring cage technologies together in one block. The blocks incorporate the new QUiX (IDC) connection on one side and the more conventional spring clamp on the other side.
The block is designed for panel builders who cannot monitor the wiring of the panel in the field. Not all field technicians are familiar with technologies like IDC, so a more common connection technology such as spring cage is used for the field side wiring. The QTS 1.5/4 can accept #22-16 AWG wire on the IDC side and a #24-10 AWG on the spring portion and is rated at 10A/600V, while the QTS 2.5/4 accepts #24-10 AWG on the spring cage side and can handle #18-14 AWG, 15A/600V on the IDC portion. Other features of the terminal blocks include a screwless jumper system that is available in two and five positions.

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