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Hybrid Transformer Is Big On Performance

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Promising big performance in a 0.54" x 0.535" x 0.53" package, the SPT-060 600½:600½ single-hybrid transformer connects a two-wire port to a four-wire transmit and receive port. Higher performance levels are reported if it is connected in a dual-hybrid configuration. In a single-hybrid configuration, the component delivers a 35 dB minimum TransHybrid Balance over a frequency range of 300 Hz to 3.5 kHz. It has a hipot rating of 1.5 kVac between the primary, secondary and core and meets FCC Part 68 longitudinal balance requirements. Pricing in production quantities is about $2.74 each. For further information, contact Derek Brooke at PREM MAGNETICS INC., McHenry, IL. (815) 385-2700.

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