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IC Converts Temperature To Voltage

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A high-precision temperature-to-voltage converter, the NCT47 combines compact size, low cost and low power consumption. It is a linear-output temperature sensor with an output voltage directly proportional to measured temperature in degrees Celsius. It can accurately measure temperature from -40°C to +125°C with a guaranteed temperature converter linearity accuracy at 25°C of ±2°C. Operating from a single supply, the device's output range is typically 100 mV at -40°C, 500 mV at 0°C, 750 mV at +25°C, and 1.75 V at 125°C. Housed in a SOT-23B package, the IC is well suited for applications such as power supply thermal shutdown, temperature measurement and instrumentation, and portable and battery-operated products. Pricing is $0.59/12,000.

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