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IC Design Tool Suite Runs On Linux Platform

The entire IC Station Suite from Mentor Graphics is now available under Red Hat Linux 6.0, in addition to HP-UX and Solaris. It provides full-custom IC design solution support, including schematic capture, netlisting, and IC layout. Furthermore, this suite consists of the ICgraph SDL, ICdevice SDL, ICshortcheck, and ICeco tools.

Designs can be generated using Design Architect-IC. They also can be generated as a spice netlist. Available on Linux, Design Architect-IC supports simulation with AccuSim II.

ICgraph SDL improves the design's overall layout. This tool's hierarchical connectivity-based database supports full-chip-, block-, cell-, and device-level editing while providing parameterized device generators for both digital and analog layout designs. It works with ICdevice, ICshortcheck, and ICeco to help layout designers keep up with a changing IC design.

Parameterized device generators are provided by ICdevice for digital and analog layout design. Extensible device templates support user-specific functionality, such as extra layers or special spacing rules.

Designers can interactively use ICshortcheck to identify shorts before placing cells in a higher-level block. This process greatly improves final verification and makes short isolation a top-level design issue.

The ICeco engineering-change-order package works with IC Station applications. It helps manage concurrent design and layout development. Also, its preview mode lets users review changes that will be made to the design prior to modifying a layout.

Contact Mentor Graphics for pricing information and additional product details.

Mentor Graphics Corp., 8005 S.W. Boeckman Rd., Wilsonville, OR 97070; (800) 592-2210; www.mentor.com.

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