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ICs Add Voice To DSL Data Modem Designs

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With only a few compact and cost-effective components, designers can add voice to their digital subscriber line (DSL) data modem designs when using a set of ICs that also allows for as many as four additional telephone line over xDSL connections. The PBM 990 08/1 is an ATM multi-service chip that handles circuit emulation for up to four POTS lines. The PBM 397 06/1 is a dual-channel PCM codec, with on-chip DTMF support. Lastly, a complete analog POTS interface, including voice, signaling and ringing, is provided by the PBL 387 10/1 RingSLIC. No additional processing power is required, because most of the ATM handling and circuit emulation is performed by the multi-service chiís built-in hardware functions. With a voice over DSL solution, up to four telephone lines can be provided by a single DSL line, while the line simultaneously provided high-speed data access.

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