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IDC Terminal Blocks Reduce Wiring Time

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The taris insulation displacement contact (IDC) series terminal blocks accept the company's standard SiST fuse holders for applications requiring circuit protection. Designated the WKC TKG/35 Series, the blocks have the potential to reduce wiring installation time as much as 50-60% by eliminating the need for wire preparation. They are available with or without blown fuse—the blocks accept 5 x 20-mm fuses. The blocks also feature built-in test points, push-in jumpering slots, marking tags at each termination point, and a UL94 V-0 non-flammability rating. The 5-mm terminal blocks are rated for 300V, 10A and 22-16AWG, while the 6-mm blocks are rated for 300V, 10A and 24-14AWG (actual ratings will vary based on type of fuse used).

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