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IDC-Type Connectors Simplify Cable-To-Sensor Connections

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The time, labor and cost required to make cable connections to proximity and photoelectric sensors is said to be greatly reduced with the M12 and M8 field-wireable connectors. Employing insulation displacement contact (IDC) technology, the connectors are easy to use and require no special tools or additional parts. Field personnel need only to cut and strip the cable's outer jacket, slip it through the locknut and grommet, slide the individual conductors into the color-coded conductor separator, then trim excess cable and reassemble the connector. Once properly assembled, both the M12 and M8 IDC connectors are IP 67 rated, and the connectors' rachet design ensures that a tight, secure connection is maintained, even when subjected to shock and vibration. The connectors can handle up to 4-conductor cable and are available in male or female and 3- or 4-pole versions. Pricing is $11.00 each/10.

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