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IEC Inlet Filters Cut Costs

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The FN9221 IEC 950-compliant inlet filters are claimed to offer significant cost savings over traditional devices while maintaining high specifications. Standard modules are supplied as screw-mounting units, but an optional snap-in version is also available and both types feature fast-on power connectors on the load side. A selection of current ratings is offered, up to 10A, with a maximum supply voltage of 250 Vac. The units operate at frequencies from dc to 400 Hz and all IEC-inlets are C-US (CSA and UL) and SEMKO (EN 133'200 and IEC 60'939) approved. Typical applications for the modules include switch-mode power supplies, office equipment and a vast array of similar areas where efficient protection from utility power transients is cost-effectively required. A low-leakage version of the new device is also available for medical equipment applications.

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