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IEEE 1394 Bus And Protocol Analyzers Debut

Computer Access Technology brings its serial bus analyzer technology to the IEEE 1394 FireWire arena with introduction of the FireInspector IEEE 1394 Bus And Protocol Analyzer. Based on the firm's FireEngine technology, the FireEngine core at the heart of the FireInspector analyzers uses state-of-the-art PLD technology to implement a high-speed recording engine and the configurable building blocks that implement data/state/error detection, event triggering, capture filtering, external signal monitoring, and event counting and sequencing. The analyzers feature full IEEE STD 1394-1995 and P1394a compliance and support transfer rates up to 400 Mb/s. They also feature 128 MB of recording memory, real-time event triggering and capture filtering, accurate time stamping, and extensive search and analysis capabilities.

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