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Insertion Force For Power InterconnectÕs Contacts Reduced

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Intended for industrial applications requiring repeated mating cycles as well as the ability to carry high current with a low millivolt drop, the Radsok contacts employ a patented design that claims to reduce insertion force, thereby increasing overall cycle lifeÑthe contacts are available on a number of the companyÕs high-power and environmental connectors. The design allows the contacts to carry higher currents while reducing mV drop and temperature rise. Based on a hyperbolic-grid configuration, the electrical terminals contain elongated contactor strips connected in spaced parallel relationships, which are twisted into a hyperbolic shape. This is said to ensure a large coaxial engagement area for a low mV drop connection with a low insertion force. Contact sizes range from 3.6 mm to 40 mm with current capacity from 50A to 1.2 kA. Price for a three-lead rectangular, molded connector with three 6 mm sockets is $10.62 each/1,000. AMPHENOL CORP., Sidney, NY. (607) 563-5301.

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