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Instrumentation Amplifier Has Heavy-Duty Fault Protection

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Neither input faults of ±400 vdc nor ESD spikes of over 4 kV are enough to derail the LT1167 instrumentation amplifier, a rugged and accurate device that's fit for a broad range of applications in precision data acquisition, medical instrumentation, industrial measurement and process control and flow control applications. With 20-kiloohm input resistors, the amplifier offers industrial-strength input fault protection as well as offset current-induced voltage error of just 6.4 µV.A single external resistor is all it takes to program gains from 1 to 10,000. The amplifier can drive 600 ohm loads to ±10V with no significant linearity penalty. Gain linearity is said to be better than 40 ppm while operating at a gain of 1000 and driving a 2-kiloohm load. For gains from 1 to 100, gain error is less than 0.05%. Input offset drift is less than 0.3 µV/°C and output offset drift is 3 µV/°C maximum.

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