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Insulated Terminals Rated to 150¡C With Special Connection

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A line of fully insulated thermal disconnects for appliance applications uses an open barrel "F" crimp rather than a rollover to assure a high-integrity connection. These self-extinguishing disconnects have a fire-retardant nylon insulator with a high temperature alloy to maintain the spring characteristics of brass when subjected to 150¡C. Designed for application by automated wire processing equipment, the product comes in strip form and is made to UL and NEMA specifications. Both straight and flag styles let the disconnects mate with .110" x .020", .187" x .020", and .250" x .032" NEMA male tabs, replacing heat shrink tubing in many applications. For safer appliance connections, if there is a malfunction, the nylon insulator collapses on itself and safely holds until the appliance completes an automatic shutdown. Pricing is according to type, style and quantity. ETCO INC., Warwick, RI. (401) 467-2400.

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