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Insulation Tester Offers Six Test Voltages

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The Model 3154 insulation resistance tester provides six selectable test voltages: 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000V. Measurement ranges are from 25V/ 200 Megaohms up to 1000V/ 4000 Megaohms and up to 10 setting states, including comparator settings, can be saved to facilitate simple switching between various standards-regulated test conditions.
Featuring a compact design and weighing only 2.5 lb., there is still room for external I/O and RS-232 interfaces for automated testing and data collection. An optional printer, 9442, is also available.
Other features include 1-s/s and 10-s/s sampling rates, an automatic-discharge function, and analog output. Insulation-resistance measurements are output linearly as voltages between 0 to 4 vdc. The instrument is priced at $895.

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