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Integrated Microwave Assembly Operates In Ku-Band

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Operating in the Ku-band, Model 1663 Radar Return Simulator Assembly provides a programmable phase and amplitude relationship between two channels for the purpose of simulating radar return signals. The module interfaces with a waveguide manifold, which, in turn, interfaces with waveguide ports of the radar system. The unit contains 2 I/Q vector modulators, 5 PIN diode switches, 1 PIN diode transfer switch, 1 high-speed pulse modulator, 2 isolators, 2 couplers, and 1 bandpass filter. Unit offers better than 1° phase accuracy between channels, built-in test circuits, and an internal EPROM correction table used to calibrate out system errors. The SMA connectorized package dimensions are 5.3" x 3.5" x 0.7".

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