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Integrating Sphere Designed Specifically For Testing Laser Diodes

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The fruit of a collaboration with Labsphere, the 2500INT is a custom-designed integrating sphere optical head that facilitates direct optical measurement of laser diode output power when used with certain types of electronic test instrumentation. The head works with the company's Model 2500 photodiode meter and Light Intensity-Current-Voltage (L-I-V) test system, both designed to test laser diode modules.
The integrating sphere is a 2" diameter design that provides two ports, three detector choices to cover wavelengths from 500 to 1,700nm, and two connector choices, SMA and FC. Customization is also available and the sphere will initially be available with silicon, germanium, or cooled InGaAs detectors. Each detector/sphere combination includes a calibration certificate from which the appropriate constant can be entered into the Model 2500 meter to facilitate direct readings of optical power. Pricing for the Model 2500INT starts at $2,995.

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