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Interconnects Employ Zinc Die Castings, Provide High Densities

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The guide module used in the companyÕs VHDM interconnect platform has been redesigned, with the two-piece module replaced by a one-piece zinc die casting co-developed with Miniature Casting Corp. The zinc casting is said to be both stronger and less expensive than the existing module, which was molded from a liquid crystal polymer into which was inserted a stainless steel pin. An advantage provided by die casting is the integration of the guide pin with the housing, resulting in a module that is said to eliminate deflection and create an overall stronger unit capable of withstanding up to a 30-lb. break test. The module is cast in a four-slide machine with overall dimensions of 7.20 mm x 28.75 mm and 23.5 mm x 18.1/13.5 mm with the guide pin measuring 19.26 mm x 3.7 mm in diameter. For more details, contact TERADYNE CONNECTOR SYSTEMS, Nashua, NH. (603) 879-3000.

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