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Interface Adapter Fits Narrow SCSI Devices

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Providing a way to adapt narrow SCSI devices with a SCA-2 interface, this pluggable feed-through adapter uses an 80-position plug for the single connector attachment and a 50-position female connector to permit the narrow device to be attached to the bus. Also available is a 4-pin power plug to attach to the device. The adapter is designed to meet specifications and guidelines developed by the Small Form Factor Committee and can be used in redundant array inexpensive drive (RAID) systems and applications. The 50-position connector is attached to a short, flat ribbon cable assembly to give the user flexibility in attaching the device. The 2-mm header system is eliminated and the SCSI ID number is fixed at one. The 5 and 12 vdc voltages are delivered to the power plug that sources power from an 80-position power plane.

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